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Henry Cavill's "Witcher" Diet and Workout for a Bodybuilder

YouTuber and bodybuilder ZacPerna often tests out the diet and training plans of super-fit athletes and actors on his channel. In a new video, he shows how Henry Cavill trained to become the muscular Geralt of Rivia in the fantasy Netflix series The Witcher.

Perna begins with 30 minutes of cardio followed by a breakfast consisting of a beef fillet, three eggs omelet, oats with fruits and a scoop protein. This totals 835 calories. He then prepares the post-workout meals. They are the same: poached chicken, rice with mixed veggies and a Thai curry sauce. Each meal is 677 calories.

Perna says, "For him I'm guessing that this would be around maintenance. His activity is so high." "For me, this would be more like a bulk if I ate this entire day... Everything you see on YouTube, all these video, is tailored to that individual. They will need more calories if they are large. However, if they have little muscle mass or are a hobbit like I, they will require far less.

Perna grills steak for dinner and serves it with sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables and 528 calories. He then has a 147-calorie protein drink before going to bed.

Cavill's workout focuses primarily on the strength required to lift heavy swords in The Witcher's numerous fight scenes. This means lots of posterior chain, shoulder, and bicep work. Cavill performs his lifts in slowed-down versions with four second negatives per rep to maximize time under tension. This workout includes Russian deadlifts and static oblique hold, side raises, as well as alternating dumbbell curls.

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