Monday, Dec 4, 2023

Chris Hemsworth shared a new intense Centr Workout that will help you get ripped for summer

Chris Hemsworth spent the past two years getting fitter and building muscle to portray the wrestling legend Hulk Hogan in a biopic. He also reprised his roles as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel Love and Thunder and Tyler Rake, mercenary in action movie Exctraction 2.

He has posted regular updates via social media about his progress, including clips of his workouts with trainer Luke Zocchi (including intense prowler sessions) and his stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton. He joked that Hemsworth is making it difficult to keep up.

Hemsworth also traveled the globe for the new documentary series Limited, in an effort to discover how to live the longest, most fulfilling life possible. The man is fit. He wants to share his passion.

With the help of Zocchi, he has been sharing accessible, minimal-equipment workouts via social media using Centr, his health app. The latest workout is for the upper body, just in time to enjoy summer.

Hemsworth posted on Instagram, "Get ready to the gun show folks." "See if you can complete 10 rounds of this functional upper-body burner. This will set your arms on fire, and it will help you attain legendary status when you wear a tank top booooom.

Here's the complete workout:

  • Battle ropes (40 repetitions)
  • Ball slams (10 repetitions)
  • Ten reps of tricep pushups with a medicine ball
  • reverse lunge curls (10 reps)
  • Sit-throughs (10 reps per side)

Each round should be performed a total 10 times with 1 minute rest between.

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