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Camila Cabello: "Crazy" Beauty Standards: "My Weight is Gonna Go Up and down"

Let's face it, most of us have had firsthand experiences with weight fluctuations, particularly during stay-at home orders. We shouldn't be too hard..

Camila Cabello: Crazy Beauty Standards: My Weight is Gonna Go Up and down

Let's face it, most of us have had firsthand experiences with weight fluctuations, particularly during stay-at home orders. We shouldn't be too hard on ourselves for having a higher number on the scale. Instead, we should accept that weight fluctuations are part of our lives. Camila Cabello concurs.

A recent episode of the Late Show with James Corden featured the singer expressing her feelings regarding an unintentional photograph. She says that she had her belly out and didn't know anyone was taking photos of her. This was in response to anxiety over having her stomach exposed. After some time, however, she decided to change her mind.

She says, "I was like you know what? This is normal." It's like my weight is going up and down. We also have crazy beauty standards on Instagram from people who are not photoshopped. I was like, "Let me get on TikTok to just talk about this!"


I adore my body

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Cabello posted the viral video, which currently has 4.7million likes. She said, "I was just running, minding my business, trying be fit, keeping it healthy, and I wasn’t tucking in because I was running. But then, I realized that fighting with your body is not the best thing. "I am grateful that my body allows me to do what I need."

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Cabello may be normalizing weight fluctuations, but it is clear that she loves to keep her body moving in order to stay healthy. Some of her favourite workouts include dancing and lifting weights together with Jenna Willis, her personal trainer. Camila is developing a healthy relationship to her body based on her exercise regimen and healthy mindset.

Last updated on 1/10/22
Camilla still cares about her body five months later, as evident by her recent Instagram photo. She captioned, "Posted no photos because I was hashtag-living life but I was still in the REPUBLICA DMINICANA BABYYYYYYYVAMO A UN TEOOOOOOOOOO" It is obvious that she has found comfort in her body because she loves it.

Updated on 4/4/22

Everyone wants privacy from paparazzi at least occasionally, especially when it affects their self-esteem. Cabello shares her feelings about how paparazzi photos can affect her body confidence in an Instagram post. In her Instagram post, she wrote that "Every time I go on this beach club in Miami I get papped." "Somehow, when I check-in, paps know my name and get me into my bikini. Every time I feel super vulnerable and unprepared, I have worn too-small bikinis and not paid much attention to how they looked. Then, I saw comments online and pictures of other people and felt so upset.

Cabello points out that body standards can be influenced by other people's opinions and thoughts. Everyone has natural weight fluctuations, belly and stomach bloating. I bought a new bikini, a cute ***** outfit, and put on lipgloss. I knew that this was going to be a photo shoot. My core was so tight that my abs hurt, I couldn't breathe, and I barely smiled. I was also so conscious of the paps that I couldn't relax and do what was best for me when I went out in nature. The singer is currently working to not care what other people think. However, this message is a reminder that self acceptance and body confidence can come slowly and that it can take years to become a habit.

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