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Two-Step Easy Hairstyles that Make You Stand Out! How to Style Your Hair Depending on Hair Length

You might find it difficult to find inspiration, especially if your hair has been trimmed for a while. It's spring and you're ready to let loose!..


You might find it difficult to find inspiration, especially if your hair has been trimmed for a while. It's spring and you're ready to let loose! These easy, simple hairstyles will make your spring celebration look great. Find the one that suits you best.

Cropped hair? Go for silky-smooth.

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Daniel Koye, celebrity hairstylist, says that slicing strands to ear length so they are sleek but voluminous will make the cut look polished. Bonus: Use a bob to sweep across forehead furrows and brow masks.

Step 1: Dry your hair and use a volumizing spray (such as Not Your Mother's plump For Joy Thickening Shampoo, $5.99) to lift the hair up.

Step 2:Blow-drying. Use a paddle brush to sweep the hair from one side to the other. After hair is dry, part the hair and spray it with hair spray.

Bonus: Use a scalp cream to prevent itchy hair. This will make your hair less dry and prone to itching. The Kamedis Scalp lotion is a favorite (Buy it from Amazon, $17.15).

Pixie? You can also add a piece-y texture.

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Koye recommends adding "spiky texture" to the super-short hair. This will make it more interesting and more wearable. This will lift the shorter hair so that it doesn't tumble against the head and gives this simple hairstyle a modern edge.

Step 1:Blow dry one-inch sections with a small round hairbrush. Next, pull hair up from the root using the top-up method.

Step 2:After hair is completely dry, apply a small amount of pomade, such as Public Goods Wax Pomade ($8.50), through the ends and smoothen any unruly hairs.

Do you have long hair? Make a loose braid with it.

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Koye says that a messy side braid allows for longer locks to be worn so they don't overpower the face. It also lets the wind blow on the neck, which helps to keep the skin from feeling too hot. Let a few of your face-framing tendrils fly, and you can shine a spotlight upon your beautiful facial features.

Step 1: Curl one-inch sections with a one inch curling iron. To break up curls, brush your hair gently with your fingers after it is all curled.

Step 2: Create an off-center section, and then add a few strands to the sides. Secure the elastic with a loose braid and pull the hair back to the side. For a plumper look, pull on a few hairs throughout the braid. Spray hair spray.

Do you have a long bob? It can be pinned in a half-up "halo".

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Koye says that pulling the front half of your hair up in a ponytail will keep the bulky, shoulder-sweeping tresses from the face. It also draws the focus up, giving your features a more youthful and lifted appearance.

Step 1: Curl one-inch sections with a 1-inch curling iron. Let the hair cool, and then gently comb it with your fingers.

Step 2: Pull hair from the front to the ear, and secure it with an elastic. Secure a section of two inches from the tail with an elastic.

A short bob? Style in waves.

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Koye says that beachy waves give movement and dimension, which keeps a blunt, neck-length hairstyle from looking boring. This type of wave is naturally textured, so if your curls begin to fall, it will look natural." This easy hairstyle looks twice as thick with waves.

Step 1: Wrap one-inch sections around a one inch curling iron. Leave the ends out. This is key to creating effortless waves. Alternate the direction of the waves (one section towards the face, one away from it) for more natural looking waves.

Step 2: After your hair is curled, comb through it with your fingers. For added grip, spray a sea salt spray like Verb Sea Spray ($20 at Ulta).

Want to learn more about hairstyles? These easy hairstyles are great for women aged 50+ and flattering for women who wear glasses.

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